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    Nylon Brush Egg Washing Machine


Introduction of Egg Washing Machine

This washing machine is our new type egg washing machine, mainly used for cleaning eggs efficiently and automatically. Its roller is high quality nylon brush, lint-free, do not need replacing, high wear resistance. The delivery system convey the eggs into the disinfection part, brushes and disinfectants


in the disinfection part clean and disinfect eggs shell efficiently. The egg disinfection can remove the vast majority of pathogens attached to the outside of the eggshell, can increase the hatching rate. We can also offer other egg cleaning equipments to meet different demands.

Egg Washing Machine Features

1. The roller is high quality nylon brush, lint-free, no need to replace, high wear resistance.
2. Conveying eggs part use full stainless steel, very stable.
3. High efficiency, one person is enough for feeding and collecting eggs.
4. Strong structure, stable performance, clean well, long lifetime.
5. Energy saving, more saves water and power, smaller size, much more convenient.


6. This mini egg whasing machine is the most popular among customers.

Egg Washing Machine Application

Egg cleaning machine is mainly used to wash and clean eggs in various chicken farms, egg processing plant, canteen, hotel, bakery, etc.

Technical Parameters of Egg Washing Machine

Power Rate


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